Effortlessly Preserve Data in Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers some legal hold capabilities, but the tedious workflows create risk.

Applying holds in Office 365 is tedious

To apply a hold within Office 365, you must navigate a labyrinth of menus and pop-up windows, which wastes time and simply doesn’t scale.


Microsoft provides little error reporting

Microsoft’s lack of error reporting makes it nearly impossible to determine if a preservation hold has been applied effectively.

Legal Hold Pro integrates seamlessly with Office 365 to effortlessly manage legal holds.

Preserve O365 data with one click

Apply preservation holds to data in Exchange, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Skype directly from Legal Hold Pro with a single click.

Get full visibility into the status of preservations

Instantly view the status of Office 365 data preservation requests, get notified of errors, and create defensible audit trail reports in minutes.

Enjoy unrivaled customer support

Get ongoing training and support from our team and connect with the brightest minds in ediscovery.

Cloud Preserve saves a lot of time by automatically placing the Office 365 account on hold instead of manually doing it.

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