Digital Discovery Pro

Hyper-fast, cost-effective data processing and review

Real-time access to processed data for rapid early case assessment and reducing the data volumes for e-discovery.

Designed for in-house corporate legal teams, Digital Discovery Pro is a cost-effective hyper-fast data processing and review solution that gives corporate counsel instant access to information for early case insights.

Data Processing and Review with Digital Discovery Pro interface

Digital Discovery Pro’s solution includes data processing, culling, document review, tagging, and export. With an interface that allows users to quickly drag-and-drop data, and real-time access, users can get started reviewing immediately. Our flexible data ingestion saves legal teams time on their workflows with the ability to remotely upload data concurrently from disparate sources via Data Collect Pro or for extremely large data sets, via AWS S3. IT teams appreciate that no additional software or hardware needs to be purchased. Digital Discovery Pro is the fastest, easiest to use, and most cost-effective processing and review solution available.

True Cloud Software Gives Legal Instant Access to Data and the Power to “Know Now”

Discovery is an iterative process. The more rapidly you get insight into your data, the more quickly you can determine your case strategy. Digital Discovery Pro puts processing and review in the hands of legal. The scalable and distributed computing approach to data processing means your job is always first in line. Processing that would have previously taken hours gets done in minutes.

Secure and Predictable Total Cost of Ownership

Digital Discovery Pro securely stores all data domestically and in an encrypted state. IT benefits from the ease of implementation as legal teams can get processing as soon as they start uploading data, without any additional software or hardware installation or cost. There is nothing to maintain, including new features and security updates.

Fast, Flexible and Future-Proof Data Processing and Review

Our cloud-based architecture allows us to offer processing speeds at over one terabyte per hour and reduces the time it takes to go through big data volumes. Auto-scaling makes variable data volumes super easy to handle and eliminates processing as a barrier to efficiency. Because it is a true cloud application users benefit from up-to-date access to the latest version, with no business disruption so they’re ready to handle the challenges discovery will present in the future.

Shrink Data Volumes Defensibly

Cull and assess data immediately with real-time search capabilities. Users can quickly find target data using keywords. They can also tag the data for easy identification of the data set to inform decisions on reducing the volume of data for outside review.