The Z-Discovery Platform

Modern Approach to Affordable and Sustainable E-Discovery

Our e-discovery software is comprised of a suite of cloud-based applications that offers a state-of the art solution for managing the modern e-discovery process.

Today’s E-Discovery is Unsustainable

Corporate law departments face increasing pressure to reduce expenses associated with e-discovery. Today’s corporate IT reality is very challenging; where big data, cloud computing, and mobile devices are creating more data, stored in more locations, and on more devices. It is leading to exploding costs and risk.


Corporations Frustrated by Current E-Discovery Solutions

Our clients tell us that current e-discovery tools with fixed capacities have limited ability to meet the challenges imposed by these technological trends. In short, they need a better approach for streamlining and cost cutting, while maintaining defensible e-discovery practices.

Turning Risk Into Opportunity

The Z-Discovery platform turns risk into opportunity by combining preservation best practices, with the power of cloud solutions, to give corporations a modern approach to e-discovery.  The solution offers corporations innovation, ease-of-use, scalability of processing power, data security and accessibility, all at an affordable price. Now corporate legal teams can have greater efficiency, effectiveness, and control of the process enabling them to reduce the risk and cost of e-discovery.

Leveraging the Cloud to Turn Big Ideas Into a Reality


Zapproved solutions are single instance multitenant, meaning all of our customers are relying on the same solution to solve their e-discovery challenges. Discipline and a true understanding of customer problems goes into developing the right product features so that customers can be immediately productive.


Zapproved solutions are ready to grow upon need. With an installed software system, it is constrained. When a big matter arises, corporate infrastructure may not be ready to handle it. With Zapproved’s Z-Discovery platform, it is straightforward to adapt to any size of litigation regardless of number of custodians, locations to collect data, or volume of data.


Cloud architecture also revolutionizes affordability. Pricing for Zapproved solutions are dependent on usage. There are no hidden costs or maintenance fees.


What it means to customers is that Zapproved solutions are always up-to-date and always accessible. The greatest benefit, however, may be that it is “instant on.” There are no servers to set up or hardware to install. It is ready when you need it regardless of location, time of day, or access device.



Our hosting partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is a world leader in data hosting and security. They invest in equipment and expertise that secures data. No single company could afford this, but the economy of scale of cloud computing allows you to benefit from the most secure computing environments (Read more).