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Building Next-Generation Enterprise Software

We are seeking talented and passionate people to help us to build the next generation of enterprise software on AWS. One out of every six Fortune 500 employees relies on our award-winning software for their legal hold needs, which has helped us reach the Inc. 500. But we are only at the beginning.

Zapproved sees cloud computing as a transformative architecture that we see as a competitive advantage, including driving cutting edge ‘serverless’ processing. For example, in an industry where processing data at 1 terabyte per day was an aspiration, we introduced a product that leveraged AWS EC2 to operate at faster than a 1 terabyte per hour. While we are proud of pushing technological limits, we never lose line-of-sight with our customers — our job is to develop the right software to solve a user’s pain point.

What Our Employees Say About Zapproved


Roger_500 Brian_500
RogerQA Engineer (Zapprovian since 2015) Brian Lead Software Engineer (Zapprovian since 2013)
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Reach Out:
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My favorite thing about working at Zapproved is that my job title doesn’t define what I do. “I’m encouraged to learn new skills and seek out new challenges, and almost nothing is off limits.” Everyone is really open to innovation: if someone suggests a new process or workflow, the team discusses it and may decide to try it out. The management team does a great job of ensuring that we have the context behind decisions so that we understand the relation between the company goals, our department, and our individual work. What gets me excited about Zapproved is that it feels like we have the right idea at the right time, in the right place, i.e., bringing cloud-based solutions to e-discovery.

“We have a great team and a great company culture to boot.”
With hard work and focus, I believe we have a good chance of becoming truly dominant in this space.

ChrisB_500 Kyle_500
ChrisLead Software Engineer (Zapprovian since 2015) KyleSoftware Engineer (Zapprovian since 2011)
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Reach Out:
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What I like about Zapproved is that as an engineer, we’re doing SaaS as a competitive advantage. We’re a 100% Amazon Web Services. We’re using REST web services, Angular.js for the front end, and an event driven (lambda) massively scalable processing architecture. Zapproved is an incredible resume building opportunity in so many ways.

Zapproved is bringing the SaaS revolution to Fortune 500 corporate legal departments and is poised to become a market leader. It’s a rocketship ride and a one in career opportunity (if you’re lucky). Anyone looking for the entrepreneurial experience of growing a company from early profitability to IPO ready market leader will find Zapproved an amazing place to work.

“I actually look forward to coming to work every day.” We have incredibly fun and important problems to work on where the rest of the organization is really appreciative.

Zapproved is the whole package, we work hard creating the best software we can but I know that Sales, Marketing, and Support are doing all the right things to make our hard work successful in the marketplace.

The problems that are out in the world today are complex and at times seemingly insurmountable. But with advances in technologies we have increased our ability to solve more and more of these problems each day. However, technology alone is not enough, it takes more than a single individual to solve the truly complex and difficult problems. “Zapproved for me is much more than a legal software company. It is a collection of people that are not only motivated by the complex problems in the world today, but are driven to run at them head on and solve them.” As a developer I come to work everyday knowing that I will not only advance my own personal skills by being in an environment that encourages learning, asking questions, and exploring the limits of your own understanding. But I will also help our customers complete their tasks in an efficient manner because I will be able to take what I learn and apply it directly to their problems.

This is a company that encourages outside of the box thinking, being passionate about your work, and thoroughly enjoying what you do everyday. From the second you walk through that your door you get to be on the forefront of cutting edge technology and assume a role that encourages you to take action! I am most excited about the growth of Zapproved and the fact that each employee here gets to play a pivotal role in that. The transparency at Zapproved from the leadership team motivates you as an employee to push harder because you are given the insights to know why that is important. I encourage anyone looking to work with great people, with powerful technology, and who truly want to disrupt an industry to consider working at Zapproved.

Open Positions

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Open Applications

Zapproved is always looking for talented people to join our fast-growing software startup. We are currently adding new products to serve corporate legal department which is creating opportunities to invite talented individuals to join our team.

Don’t see a job that fits your skill set? No problem! Submit your resume and cover letter to be considered for future opportunities and we will let you know if there is an opening.

How to Apply:

To be considered, please submit your profile, cover letter and resume with salary requirements to the Zapproved Job Score site. We are looking for the things that drive and excite you and the mark that you want to leave on the world, so consider that in your cover letter. We think this is more important than your resume, and we will read your letter first. If you are passionate about using your expertise to help build a software leader, this is the opportunity of your dreams.