PREX15 Preservation and Enterprise Information Strategies

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E-discovery has come miles since the days of “What do they want? Really? Where the heck is it?” Corporations now have e-discovery teams and tools in place to give structure and weight to the preservation/collection process. Yet specific strategies vary from company to company.

To assess the current e-discovery climate with respect to preservation strategies, the PREX15 Conference on Preservation Excellence assembled a panel of experts to share their views and experiences on what works and what does not. Panelists included:

  • David Cohen, moderator, Partner and Practice Group Leader for Global Records & E-Discovery Practice Group, Reed Smith LLP
  • Matt McClelland, Manager of Information Governance Office, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
  • Christopher Starr, Senior Director of Legal Technology, eDiscovery, 

The objective was two-fold: to share ideas about how a strategy should look, and to brainstorm ways to sell the strategy to the C-Suite so that it will carry weight within the organization. Download the chapter Preservation and Enterprise Information Strategies or the entire PREX15 Proceedings: 2016 Legal Holds and Data Preservation

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