Manage legal holds and FOIA requests with ease

Legal Hold Pro® is a FedRAMP “In Process” cloud application that empowers federal agencies to seamlessly preserve data for litigation matters, investigations, and FOIA requests.

From one easy-to-use system, users can manage legal holds, track custodian compliance, trigger data collections, and create a defensible audit trail of preservation activity.

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Federal agencies are drowning in FOIA requests

Every year, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is used by hundreds of thousands of citizens to request government information and records. After 10 straight years of growth, federal agencies received a record-high 788,769 FOIA requests in 2016, a 10% increase over 2015.

Despite spending over $514 million and dedicating over 4,200 full-time federal employees to manage FOIA requests, most agencies are struggling to keep up with the massive volume of requests. The backlog of unanswered requests grew to 115,080 in 2016 and shows no signs of slowing down. In order to comply with the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016, agencies must provide a plan for reducing the backlog in the coming year.


Public scrutiny of agency misconduct has intensified

In the era of whistleblowers, watchdogs, and citizen journalists, federal agencies are facing more scrutiny than ever before for misconduct, malfeasance, and negligence. Additionally, more attention is being paid to the cost of resolving litigation matters related to misconduct, especially when taxpayers are stuck with the bill.

Often, it’s not the original scandal that causes the most heartburn but rather the failure of the agency to preserve data that could be relevant to the investigation. Just ask the FBI, IRS, the State Department, or the Nixon Administration.

Aging systems and manual processes are hindering agencies

When it comes to managing legal holds for FOIA requests, investigations, and litigation matters, most federal agencies either use a manual process or an aging software application. Both methods are cumbersome, inefficient, and prone to error, which increases the risk of data spoliation, sanctions, and reputational damage.

Agencies that have adopted automated legal hold software applications have been able to dramatically streamline processes, mitigate risk, and reduce legal spend.

Legal Hold Pro is the leading cloud litigation hold software for federal agencies, giving them a better way to preserve data for litigation matters, investigations, and FOIA requests.



Save time with an automated legal hold workflow

Streamline manual processes and automate routine tasks to reduce the time and resources required to manage litigation holds.

  • Manage custodians, litigation holds, interviews, collection requests, and compliance reports from a secure cloud platform.
  • Initiate litigation holds and data collection projects in minutes.
  • Allow custodians to quickly respond from any device in seconds.

Reduce risk with a defensible preservation process

Lower the risk of data spoliation and be fully confident in the defensibility of your litigation hold and data preservation process.

  • Use automated reminders and escalations to improve custodian compliance with legal holds.
  • Apply preservation holds to Microsoft® Office 365® data and trigger automated, forensically-sound data collections.
  • Effortlessly create a complete and defensible audit trail of preservation activity.

Reduce legal spend with a secure cloud application

Reduce the time and resources required to preserve data for civil litigation matters, investigations, and FOIA requests.

  • Reduce employee time spent managing and tracking legal holds by 70% to 90%.
  • Decrease the volume of data that is collected and stored by up to 80%.
  • Avoid expensive data spoliation fines and summary judgements due to spoliation claims.

Rest assured with best-in-class security

  • Legal Hold Pro was designed from the ground up to comply with the highest levels of data security. The application is available within Amazon Web Services GovCloud and is backed up by industry-leading SOC 2® Type 2 certification.

Need help making the business case for Legal Hold Pro at your agency?

Federal agencies are getting a significant return on investment (ROI) from Legal Hold Pro, freeing up valuable employee time and agency dollars for other important initiatives. How much can your agency save?


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“The simplicity of the technology makes it easy to describe and defend our processes, report on status and issue holds in a timely manner.”

Legal Operation Manager at TransCanada Pipelines, Ltd.

Dawn Radcliffe


Where is Legal Hold Pro in the FedRAMP process?

Legal Hold Pro is “FedRAMP In Process,” meaning our software has advanced beyond the FedRAMP Ready stage and is actively being reviewed for an agency authorization to operate (ATO). You can view our listing on the FedRAMP Marketplace here.

How does Legal Hold Pro compare to other solutions in the FedRAMP Marketplace?

Legal Hold Pro is on the only legal hold software solution in the FedRAMP marketplace. There are a few other e-discovery solutions listed, but all are service providers — not software providers.

Are there any federal agencies currently using Legal Hold Pro?

Yes, several major federal agencies are using Legal Hold Pro to manage legal hold and data preservation requests for civil litigation response, investigation, and FOIA responses.

What is the typical impact of Legal Hold Pro?

Legal Hold Pro provides federal agencies with a better way to manage legal holds and data preservation for civil litigation matters, investigations, and FOIA requests. By automating and streamlining processes, Legal Hold Pro reduces risk, legal spend, and employee time spent on preservation.

The typical agency is saving over a million dollars or more every year in reduced legal spend and productivity enhancements. To calculate the projected impact for your agency, request a custom ROI analysis.

Our agency has been managing legal holds using a manual process. Will we lose access to this data after moving to Legal Hold Pro?

Absolutely not! Zapproved can migrate your data into Legal Hold Pro so you can have a single system of record for past and future legal hold activity.

How long does it take to get started with Legal Hold Pro?

The implementation timeline depends on the complexity of your process and the volume of historic legal hold data you’d like to migrate into Legal Hold Pro. Based on our experience, the process should take about six months once the contract is executed.

How long will it take for our team to become comfortable with Legal Hold Pro?

Legal Hold Pro is very intuitive and most users can get trained on basic features in about a day. For those looking for fluency in Legal Hold Pro’s advanced capabilities, we provide a robust support center and unlimited training and support through the lifetime of your subscription.

Our security team is cautious about moving to a cloud solution. Should we be concerned about security?

Zapproved’s suite of e-discovery software solutions were designed from the ground up to ensure data is safe, secure, and accessible. The world’s top companies trust Zapproved to manage their most sensitive data because we consistently demonstrate a commitment to the highest possible security standards, which is demonstrated by our SOC 2® Type 2 certification.

Our team can work directly with your security and IT teams to provide documentation and security audit reports, such as our SOC 2® Type 2 report or penetration testing reports.

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“Legal Hold Pro has dramatically reduced the time that I spend on the preservation process, while providing us a higher degree of responsiveness and defensibility, when called upon to produce.”

Counsel, Litigation & Ediscovery at Caesars Entertainment

Brett Tarr