Welcome to the movement.

Let’s solve e-discovery, together.

Join legal professionals — from corporate counsel to distinguished judges — in building momentum to solve e-discovery. Together, we can cultivate a culture of cooperation and create positive change.  


This is our movement rally cry!

We invite you to embrace these tenets and share them with your communities to accelerate momentum. Together, we will be able to say, #ISolveEdiscovery.


  • Bring e-discovery home.
  • Master your data universe.
  • Trust the process.
  • Be agile.
  • Embrace simplicity.
  • Reduce redundant records.
  • Audit everything.
  • Free your mind.
  • Reclaim the weekend.
  • Connect and cooperate.


Actions matter!

Get involved by sparking excitement for the #ISolveEdiscovery movement and urging others to take part. The more participants we have, the more influence we can create to make things better. It’s easy to get started. Just choose from these actions

Celebrate Heroes

Corporate E-Discovery Hero Awards

Help us recognize the heroes making big strides to solve e-discovery.

Join the community

Share & earn rewards

Offer your ideas to solve e-discovery in-house and accept challenges to earn prizes!

Spread the word

Help build momentum.

Encourage others to get excited and join the movement.

Celebrate Heroes

Corporate E-Discovery Hero Awards Celebration

The inaugural 2017 Corporate E-Discovery Hero Awards, presented by Zapproved, on Jan. 30, 2017 in New York, was a huge hit! Beyond networking, it was a terrific, inspirational evening honoring colleagues who work hard every day to make e-discovery better for all.

During the sold-out show, Zapproved and event sponsors, including Apttus, BRG, D4, Microsystems, Smarsh, SRR, Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) and International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), announced the 2017 award winners for excellence in e-discovery strategy, technology, process and teams. Hon. Shira Scheindlin presented e-discovery author and educator Michael Arkfeld with a Lifetime Achievement Award. And, Craig Ball moderated a special satellite keynote presentation with NPR’s award-winning legal affairs correspondent, Nina Totenberg.

We are honored to bring our community together to recognize heroes making big strides in solving e-discovery. Please join us for the next awards event! In the meantime, get involved by sharing tips, telling your story and accessing resources in the I Solve E-Discovery movement.

About the awards
The Corporate E-Discovery Hero Awards, presented by Zapproved, honor e-discovery experts and corporate legal professionals who demonstrate excellence in e-discovery strategy, technology, process, teamwork and overall influence and achievement. An esteemed panel of federal judges, top in-house e-discovery practitioners and national e-discovery experts review and choose winners, who are announced at the awards presentation event.

Join the community

Do you have innovative tips and smart solutions to conquer e-discovery roadblocks in-house? That might mean automating a manual process, inventing a better way to audit data, or educating employees about legal hold best practices.

Join the I Solve E-Discovery community and share with others — so we can learn together!

I Solve E-Discovery community

This fun social platform brings together e-discovery professionals to connect and learn. Sign up for free to win prizes, build connections and engage in discussions.

Accept challenges & unlock rewards

Once you’re in the I Solve E-Discovery community hub, follow the prompts to complete a challenge and earn points. Solve enough challenges to unlock our biggest reward: a VIP experience at the Corporate E-Discovery Hero Awards on Jan. 30, 2017, which includes meeting Nina Totenberg!
Get started by accepting a challenge now:


Sum it up in a sentence

How do you solve e-discovery? Let others know! Complete a sentence below and share it as a selfie on social media. Visit the I Solve E-Discovery community to start your activity.

I solve e-discovery like a _____

I solve e-discovery with a _____

Share on social media

Promote the movement through social media, using #ISolveEdiscovery. To earn points for this action, go to the I Solve E-Discovery community and choose this challenge.

Spread the word

We are more powerful together.

Please invite your colleagues and professional community to join the movement.

Social media & email

Use #ISolveEdiscovery in social media posts to help spread the word. Or, send an email to colleagues urging them to get involved. The more outreach, the better.

Share on social media now


Deepen your understanding

Shared learning is an important way to grow and inspire others on their journey of bringing e-discovery in-house. Become part of the #ISolveEdiscovery Movement by attending events, accessing materials and building helpful e-discovery connections.

Attend events

Coming together is a great way to swap ideas and build thought leadership.

Take action by attending inspiring and educational events throughout the year. Please join us!

This is the premier conference for in-house e-discovery professionals.

Join us each September in Portland, Oregon, to learn and share best practices and innovations in e-discovery. Registration for PREX17, happening Sept. 12 – 14, 2017, is underway. Register now to reserve your spot.

Get Materials

Arm yourself with informative assets. These resources offer strategic and practical roadmaps to moving and running e-discovery in-house.

Download and share them with others to promote the #ISolveEdiscovery Movement.


Share an e-discovery moment

How do you solve e-discovery? Describe a success — or a challenge — in e-discovery you’ve experienced. We’ll review and post your comments here for others to see.


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