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The preferred e-discovery software for creating a rock-solid and defensible preservation process.

Award winning, Legal Hold Pro is the most trusted cloud e-discovery software in use by corporate legal departments.

Legal Hold Pro offers the fastest way to effectively automate legal hold notification, collection request tracking, and terminated employee data preservation. Corporate legal departments will enhance their ability to identify custodians and sources of electronically stored information (ESI). Reports and analytics communicate status and help pinpoint legal hold and data preservation issues.

Data Collect Pro - ediscovery software product

Affordably collect data anywhere, anytime — defensibly.

The most cost-effective and user-friendly cloud e-discovery software for conducting targeted remote data collections.

Corporate legal departments regain control and visibility over the collections process. Forensically sound collections can be done remotely, with a few clicks of a mouse, to the cloud or to directly to an on-site server. Corporate legal teams gain flexibility, control, and drastically reduce the need for expensive travel, consultation of outside experts, and business disruption.

Digital Discovery Pro Logo

Ultra fast, cost-effective processing and first-pass review

The most flexible SaaS e-discovery software for e-discovery data processing and first-pass review.

Designed to harness the full efficiencies of the cloud such as instantaneous scale of processing power, Digital Discovery Pro offers real-time access to processed data for rapid early case assessment. Corporate legal departments can quickly tag data for relevance, privilege, or other categories, and can effectively reduce data volumes for in depth e-discovery review.