Product Features

Cloud E-Discovery Management Features

Zapproved offers the first pure software-as-a-service (SaaS) e-discovery management system and its easy to use. The Z-Discovery suite automates the e-discovery process and captures every step from legal hold to collections, to processing, search and review, through production, so that corporate legal teams can demonstrate defensibility. Because it’s pure SaaS, Zapproved gives in-house counsel all the benefits of the cloud.

  • Rapid to deploy, no maintenance, no hardware
  • Easy to use for the entire team, no special certifications needed
  • Auto scales to what you need, fast and flexible
  • Always up-to-date
  • End to end secure e-discovery management system

Legal Hold and Preservation Features

The duty to preserve is a requirement. Legal Hold Pro empowers corporate legal teams to easily automate preservation in order to reduce the effort, cost and risk associated with litigation response.

  • Automate a defensible process for meeting corporate legal hold notification obligations
  • Optimize workflow with templates and custodian interviews
  • Provide legal teams visibility to better manage preservation and fully defend their processes through powerful reporting
  • Automatically track changes in employee information to determine if additional steps are needed
  • Unify the collections process by initiating and tracking actions associated with a legal hold
  • Enhance collaboration between Legal and IT for time sensitive or silent collections
  • Automatically apply “in-place” litigation holds on Office 365 data to preserve Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, Skype and OneDrive content via CloudPreserve™
  • Connect Legal Hold Pro via HoldLink™ API to enterprise applications such as HR, email, and asset tracking systems.

Collection Features

As data fragments from traditional systems to the cloud, corporations need a way to access these new data sources. Data Collect Pro is the easiest way for in-house legal teams to collect data anywhere, anytime, without business interruption, travel, training, hardware or software.

  • Conduct targeted, forensically sound, defensible collections without the need for significant training or infrastructure investment
  • Collect from cloud storage including Office 365, Dropbox & Box, remote PCs, and email including: Exchange, Gmail, or any popular email systems
  • Streamlines workflow by tracking progress between Legal and IT
  • Minimal business disruption—custodians can continue to work during collection
  • Ability to perform silent collections so the custodian will not be aware of collection
  • Automatically create and track collections from Legal Hold Pro
  • Easily and instantly send collections to Digital Discovery Pro for processing and review.

Processing Features

Take the waiting out of processing for e-discovery by using the power of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to offer hyper-fast and extensible processing that right-sizes computing power to meet processing needs for any size project.

  • Flexible data ingestion including: easy drag-and-drop, remote location ingestion via Data Collect Pro integration, or for large datasets, via AWS S3 loader
  • Efficiently process data for discovery, including deduplication, deNISTing, file identification, content and metadata extraction
  • Automatic OCR of documents without extractable text
  • Duplicate filtering and management
  • Rapidly process datasets of any size via scalable and elastic cloud infrastructure

Search and Review Features

Put the “early” in Early case assessment (ECA) for rapid insights whether doing an internal investigation, responding to compliance, or a FOIA request. Simply drag-and-drop the data in and start searching, the time to first file is within 30 seconds. In-house teams can quickly gain clarity regarding the merits of the case.

  • Easy-to-use review application designed specifically for corporate legal
  • Filter by dates, search terms, and document attributes to shrink data volumes and target relevant data
  • Powerful searching and tagging functions to organize and understand your case
  • Instantly review, tag, and export data — allowing quicker response to investigations and document requests

Support Features

We serve customers in the Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000. Corporate legal departments like that we’ve never had a failed implementation. This fact gives corporate counsel confidence that they can get their legal teams quickly up and running to affordably manage their e-discovery efforts.

The team at Zapproved listens to its customers. We’ve evolved our product offerings over the years to meet their needs. That is why we have many happy reference customers. From big automakers and insurance companies, to some of the most recognizable technology and consumer goods companies, Zapproved strives to make its customers “ridiculously happy”.

Security Features

Zapproved is unique in its commitment to security. In addition to the world class security offered through our hosting partner, Amazon Web Services, Zapproved has earned its SOC2® Type 2 Certification, which demonstrates that the company has extensive controls in place to protect against unauthorized access (both physical and logical). Zapproved’s policies and practices are reviewed in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure: The computing environment, power, HVAC, Internet connectivity, backups and physical security.
  • Software: The security features such as user authentication, least privilege access, and holistic logging.
  • People: The information security policies such as least privilege access, pre-employment ID verification and criminal background screening that apply to all personnel involved in the operation and use of a system.
  • Procedures: The automated and manual procedures involved in the development, operation and management of a system such as change management, monitoring, intrusion detection, and incident response and 24/7 operational support.
  • Data: The practice of encryption of data-in-transit and data-at-rest as well as strict data access control.