Data Collect Pro

Affordably collect data anywhere, anytime — defensibly.

The most cost-effective and user-friendly approach to targeted remote data collections. Affordably collect data anywhere, anytime — defensibly.

Cloud-based remote data collection with Data Collect Pro Interface

Designed for in-house corporate legal teams, Data Collect Pro gives litigation support professionals the capacity to efficiently collect the right data at the right time. Data Collect Pro delivers defensible, efficient, secure and affordable remote data collection and early data assessment. Conduct targeted, surgical collections of email, computers, servers and cloud storage such as from Box, Dropbox, and Office365, in a timely and forensically sound manner. Data Collect Pro offers corporations a modern approach to precisely securing electronically stored information (ESI).

Targeted Remote Data Collections Reduces E-Discovery Costs

Collect what you need, when you need it through targeted collections. Use Data Collect Pro to pre-index with collection filters based on file type and date range, then map out the file and folder structure to inform the set of folders needed. Quickly eliminate, music files, pictures, and application files, so that you only collect what is likely to be relevant.

Remote Collections Reduces Business Disruption

Quick access to potentially responsive data with minimal business disruption of custodians. Remote capabilities enable custodians to work while collections occur, and eliminate the need for travel by collectors, reducing business disruption and collections cost.

Control in Hands of Legal

Data Collect Pro’s innovative design and integration with Legal Hold Pro ensures ESI is being collected in a cost-effective and forensically sound manner. Its intuitive operation means legal teams can confidently collect data that has traditionally been the exclusive realm of IT professionals, or service providers – improving efficiency and reducing cost.

Cloud Architecture Brings Power, Flexibility and Affordability

Data Collect Pro is fast, scalable, secure, and cost-effective. It is fast to deploy and requires no additional infrastructural investment.