Stacie Neeter

Stacie Neeter, Managing Director - Law Department and Discovery Consulting at Consilio, LLC

Stacie has 15 years of professional experience working with corporate law departments on a wide variety of projects, with a focus on cost reduction, process efficiency and risk mitigation. She helps organizations enhance their discovery programs, as well as manage their law departments more like as a business. Through defining and documenting repeatable and practical processes, evaluating insourcing v. outsourcing structures and related roles, assessing internal and external spend, and implementing technology, she is able to help her clients optimize their operations. Stacie has developed and enhanced existing programs for numerous corporations across industries. She has also managed complex litigation and discovery processes for some of the largest organizations in the world. She started her career as a consultant at Arthur Andersen. Areas of expertise include:

Discovery program strategy and organizational design
Discovery project and case management
Process assessment and improvement
Technology selection, design and implementation
Cost management and cost reduction
Financial modeling, forecasting and spend analysis
Vendor management programs
Third party risk management programs