Calculate the financial impact of:

automating your e-discovery systems

modernizing your e-discovery systems

streamlining your legal hold processes

reducing the risk of data spoliation

processing, culling and reviewing data

resolving litigation matters faster


Are you frustrated by ballooning e-discovery expenses?
Need to create a business case for bringing e-discovery in-house and modernizing your systems?


reduction in data processing & culling costs*


less time spent tracking custodian compliance


reduction in total e-discovery expenses


reduction in custodian response time

*Average benefit for a Fortune 500 legal team.

The Zapproved E-Discovery ROI Calculator can help.

Developed by a third-party research firm and validated by dozens of enterprise legal teams, the E-Discovery ROI Calculator will:

  • Calculate the cost of your existing e-discovery processes and systems
  • Quantify the financial impact of bringing e-discovery in-house and moving to a modern, automated e-discovery platform
  • Prioritize opportunities for improvement in your legal hold, data collections, processing, and document review processes
  • Calculate the return on investment and payback period as well as the cost of not moving forward
  • Generate a compelling business case and visual ROI analysis you can share with your team

Now you can quickly and easily prove the value of using a comprehensive e-discovery platform. Find out how much money you can save. Request an analysis now.

The calculator was developed by Hobson & Company, a research firm focused on Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) studies.

“The ROI calculator makes the business case crystal clear.”

Director of E-Discovery

Fortune 200 company

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