Get Control of E-Discovery and Optimize the Process at Every Stage

The costs of e-discovery are mind blowing. The frequency and sheer volume of data corporations must manage, drives costs astronomically. Zapproved is the leader in cloud-based e-discovery software solutions for corporate legal teams. We focus on developing modern, powerful, easy-to-use, applications that are built to cost-effectively manage the legal compliance and risk management challenges of today’s technology-enabled world.

Our e-discovery software allow corporate legal teams to take control and optimize the way they manage the e-discovery process. It will reduce costs and enable general counsel to preserve intelligently, ‘collect to produce’, and process electronically stored information (ESI) and conduct first-pass review — efficiently reducing the volume of data requiring outside resources.


Legal Hold Automation and Preservation

Legal hold automation is the foundation of intelligent preservation, an efficient method that allows corporate legal teams to confidently preserve ESI in place.

Turning Litigation Response Into a Repeatable Business Process

Through employing legal hold best practices and automating communication steps — such as custodian notifications, reminders, interviews and terminated employee notifications — corporations mitigate risk of inadvertent spoliation and increase their ability to effectively negotiate a fair and reasonable scope of discovery, facilitating both proportionality and collaboration.

Intelligent Preservation

Through intelligent preservation, corporations can collect, process, review and produce only necessary data. With automation, legal teams save countless hours that can be immediately applied to other important and impactful tasks. With a common database of legal holds, corporate legal teams can effectively evolve away from a “collect everything” mentality and start managing tasks such as employee departures or disposition of legacy data with ease.

Legal Hold Pro has emerged as the leading litigation hold management system. General counsels can track, in real-time, preservation efforts across an organization. Having a detailed audit trail showing every action that is compiled automatically is invaluable should opposing counsel question a company’s efforts.

Learn more about Legal Hold Pro for legal hold automation and preservation.



Targeted collections with remote and cloud capabilities are the foundation for a modern approach to precisely securing electronically stored information (ESI) affordably.

Collections Challenges for Legal Teams

Legal teams often express frustration with lack of control over the collections process where they are often completely relying on costly outside experts or IT. Collection is costly to the business where travel, training, and investment in hardware or software are issues. Additionally, it’s disruptive for the custodian who can experience down time while the collection is occurring. Disparate data sources such as remote employee devices and cloud locations and sources add to the complexity and cost of collections.

The Advantage of Targeted Collections

The typical protocol has been to cast a wide net and collect virtually all data in order to preserve it for possible use as the matter progresses. Legal teams need to collect the right data at the right time to enable a proportional response to litigation. Rather than casting a wide net, with a strong preservation protocol in place a legal team can collect initially from crucial custodians and then expand if necessary as the case warrants.

Speed Access to Important Data

By conducting targeted, surgical collections of email, computers, servers and cloud storage in a timely and forensically sound manner, legal teams can speed access to important data.

Data Collect Pro is fully integrated with Legal Hold Pro so collections can be initiated from legal hold, with automatic status updates. It delivers defensible, efficient, secure and affordable remote data collection and early data assessment for in-house legal teams.

Learn more about Data Collect Pro for targeted remote and cloud collections.


Processing and First-Pass Review

Hyper-fast cloud-based processing that automatically progresses with the size of the data set, combined with easy-to-use first-pass review capabilities is the most effective way to reduce e-discovery costs. With the vast volumes of data that corporate legal teams must wade through to determine what is and is not relevant, the ability to process data as it’s uploaded helps corporations save time and money.

On-Premises vs. Cloud

Fixed on-premise hardware offers fixed processing resources and bandwidth queue data which delays processing, especially with huge data sets. Cloud architecture instantly deploys processing power on-demand so data is handled immediately regardless of quantity.

No Task is Too Small or Large

An attorney has the ability to look at the content of a single PST from a key custodian or perform a quick review before sending to outside counsel. Corporate legal teams can take advantage of cloud flexibility to ratchet up processing power without having to make a big infrastructure investment. This enables the handling of data sets of virtually any size with the same ease – in a format able to be easily searched, culled, tagged and stored for future use, or produced for attorney review.

Digital Discovery Pro will fully integrate with Legal Hold Pro so that collections initiated from legal hold can be seamlessly processed. Automatic status updates extend tracking and reporting to include the data processed, tags and analytics and insights about the data so that teams can keep up to date in real time.

Learn more about Digital Discovery Pro for hyper-fast processing, efficient first-pass review, and secure storage for use as a preservation repository as the case proceeds or for use in other matters.