Office 365 Data

Corporations are adopting to Microsoft Office 365 in growing numbers to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Corporate legal teams need ediscovery solutions that support cloud data sources and hybrid data environments. With Z-Discovery CloudPreserve, data in Office 365 sources is automatically preserved in place — keeping data in the cloud and not disrupting employees’ work routines. Through automation, the legal team is assured a simpler and more efficient workflow that reduces the risk of inadvertent spoliation.

As cloud adoption increases, and more enterprise data is moved onto cloud systems, enterprise legal and IT teams are seeking strategies to successfully transition their preservation processes for ESI and prepare to manage ediscovery in an increasingly Office 365 world.  In-house legal teams and their IT counterparts realize that current processes and technology are challenged to keep pace with the increased complexity of the task of this hybrid on-premise / cloud data environment and as systems are incrementally migrated.