Internal Investigations

Organizations frequently need to process data (email, loose documents, server collections) for internal review, to respond to an investigation request, or to better understand the merits of a case. Typically, a service provider will need at least 24 hours to have data processed and available for review. When responding to investigations every second counts, and being able to access data quickly is imperative.

  • Example: A financial organization receives a request from FINRA to provide information about the chronology of events leading up to a merger/acquisition to investigate potential insider trading. In-house counsel needs to quickly search across specific employee emails in order to comply and provide this information about dates and events.
  • Example: A large healthcare organization is frequently involved in employment disputes (disgruntled employees, discrimination, overtime/wages). In the events leading up to discovery, counsel needs the ability to review the employee’s email communications, as well as data stored on the network (time sheets, performance improvement plans, pay scales, etc.)

Using Zapproved’s Z-Discovery Platform, legal is able to ‘Know Now’ and respond quickly without outside help from service providers or IT. Legal teams can substantially reduce costs related to processing and hosting.