FOIA, Regulatory, 3rd Party Request

The expanding reach of the Freedom of Information Act, regulatory acts like Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley, and procedures by regulatory agencies like the Federal Trade and Securities and Exchanges Commissions have introduced a new dynamic for both federal, state and local government agencies and organizations in highly regulated industries . This is driving the need for legal teams in the public and private sectors to understand and conduct electronic discovery for records being requested by individuals, private parties (under FOIA) and regulatory bodies (under other acts).

  • Example: A large bank is in the process of a merger with a competitor. The FTC has reason to believe the merger will impede competition in that relevant market, so a ‘Request for Additional Information and Documentary Materials’ – also known as a ‘Second Request’ – is initiated. The legal team is under pressure to deliver this as to not stall or put at risk the deal.
  • Example: A major federal agency is struggling to respond to FOIA requests satisfactorily, and receives a mandate to raise its rate of processing requests to 80%.

Using Zapproved’s Z-Discovery Platform, legal teams at public agencies and private companies can avoid penalties and opportunity cost by successfully responding to more FOIA and regulatory requests, faster, and without paying more to outsource the work.