Early Case Assessment

Many organizations want to increase speed and reduce costs related to processing and culling data, prior to sending to a service provider or internal review platform. A service provider will charge anywhere from $20-$80/gb for initial processing, and then an additional $100-$250/gb to export or promote the resulting set to a review database after culling by keywords/dates. Service providers make a great deal of money from transactional processing and DDP allows this process to be handled in-house saving time and money.

  • Example: An organization is responding to a discovery request involving 10 custodians with 150gb of data. The corporate legal department uses DDP to process the data that IT has collected, applies the agreed upon keyword terms and date ranges to the set, and exports the resulting corpus of 100,000 documents to their service provider to host and manage the review.
  • Example: In-house legal processes 10gb of custodian data, and exports the resulting set of 5,000 documents for review in on-premise instance of Summation.

Using Zapproved’s Z-Discovery Platform, legal operations can substantially reduce costs related to processing and first-pass review. The legal team can quickly and easily refine culling criteria without service provider intervention.