Remote Collections

It’s not uncommon for an organization to have employees scattered around the globe, and hence so is their electronically stored information (ESI).

When corporations need to collect data from all corners of the earth, Data Collect Pro allows them to do so from the convenience of their own desk. Consider what this means in practical terms for a corporate legal team. For example, a Fortune 50 company with global locations needed to collect from custodians located in their Brazil office. The typical experience would be to have their forensic collections expert travel to Brazil (expensive employee and travel), take over the custodian’s workstation, (disruptive) to access to the custodian’s data.

Corporate legal teams can work smarter by adopting efficient ways to collect from remote locations. Data Collect Pro provides a contrasting experience, with this streamlined remote collections workflow: sit at desk, initiate collection, no custodial disruption nor expensive and time consuming travel.

Zapproved provides forensically sound collections technology that helps organizations avoid business disruption, unnecessary travel, and expensive consultants.