Organizations know that the current methods and solutions for handling ediscovery do not suffice in the face of inescapable technology trends, such as: big data, cloud computing and mobile devices. The sheer volume of data corporations must manage, combined with the disparate locations and devices where the data resides, drive astronomical ediscovery costs.

We believe in the purpose of the American justice system.

“…to secure the just, speedy and inexpensive determination of every action and proceeding.” (FRCP Rule 1)

We’ve developed cloud-based solutions specifically designed to give corporate legal teams control over their ediscovery processes and bring them in-house. Zapproved technology offers corporations quick-to-implement, easy-to-use, solutions that affordably bring legal teams power, control, flexibility, and continual innovation.

Zapproved’s vision is to democratize ediscovery and improve access to justice for companies of any size.