Forensics – How Not to Spoil the Data

This interview originally appeared on Bank Info Security.

Organizations create more data than ever, and they face more requirements to collect and present it for investigations and legal cases. How do they avoid spoiling this data? Zapproved’s Sarah Thompson offers tips.

Sarah Thompson, Product Manager, Zapproved

Click on the picture to listen to the interview with Sarah Thompson of Zapproved about How Not to Spoil Data.

One of the major traps to avoid is the compulsion to collect all data, says Thompson, Senior Product Manager at Zapproved. When you collect everything, she says, “It’s a costly, ineffective and risky process.”

It also means everything you collect can be subject to legal discovery, she adds. “And so we really need to be smarter about what it is that we’re collecting.”

In the interview about effective data collection, Thompson discusses:

  • The new data demands;
  • Common data collection mistakes;
  • Habits of effective data collection.


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