Corporations are getting simplicity and more flexible options for their forensically sound ESI collections in support of litigation response and investigations

Today Zapproved announced that Data Collect Pro, the easy to use software designed for collecting electronically stored information (ESI) in a forensically sound manner, has added Mac computer collections to its repertoire, a rapidly growing source of corporate data subject to discovery requests in litigation.

Data Collect Pro now collects from Mac Computers

Data Collect Pro empowers organizations to easily collect from Mac computers and PCs, along with a variety of email and cloud repositories

“Our customers asked for Mac collections capability as an increasingly important source of ESI,” said Sarah Thompson, Senior Product Manager at Zapproved. “We’re delighted to bring the same collections simplicity, flexibility, and accessibility, to our enterprise customers for Macs as they currently enjoy when collecting from local and remote PCs.”

Being able to defensibly collect from Mac computers with Data Collect Pro offers several immediate benefits:

  • Easily download and install collection agents for Macs and PCs so the workflow is the same regardless of the computer type — allowing collections to get started in minutes.
  • Index, view and collect all data on a remote MAC and any device it is connected to like a network drive or USB hard drive.
  • Cull the data set pre-collection by selecting only the folders or files you need, and by denisting and deduping.
  • True-SaaS platform means you can access information from anywhere you have an Internet connection and requires no maintenance.

Corporations are using Data Collect Pro to gain greater control over their collections processes ensuring they’re defensible, efficient, and cost effective. They use Data Collect Pro to preserve the metadata of the documents and keep a detailed audit log to demonstrate the collections process and have a reference for the decisions made, while also being able to attest to the pristine quality of all collections. Performing forensically sound collections from multiple custodians is easy with Data Collect Pro and can be done with no business disruption.

In addition to being able to collect from Mac computers, Data Collect Pro also collects from cloud-based repositories like, Office 365 OneDrive for business, Box, Dropbox and Amazon Web Services as well as PCs, servers and network drives — not to mention a comprehensive list of email sources, including Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, IMAP, Office 365,, Yahoo, Gmail and AOL.

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