Solution Brief Automotive: Time to Crash Test Your Preservation and E-Discovery Process

Solution Brief Automotive: Time to Crash Test Your Preservation and Ediscovery Process

Zapproved Solution Brief: Automotive Sector

In 2016, we saw a rash of high-profile cases where automotive manufacturers and suppliers were in the headlines and received sanctions for failures to preserve responsive data. They also suffered significant reputational damage. Ironically, despite the litigation profile of these large class action cases, preservation strategies in the automotive sector are lacking such as managing preservation using manual processes that do not scale well.

These factors and others are influencing leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers to move to Legal Hold Pro, an automated legal hold management software, to address their preservation challenges and create a defensible audit trail.

In this solution brief, we examine some recent automotive case law pointing to the need to having solid preservation practices.  Additionally, we’ll touch upon how Zapproved’s Z-Discovery Platform can be used by legal teams across the global automotive industry to improve the management of their legal holds, collections, data processing and review.

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