From PREX17, learn why companies are moving ediscovery in house and how you can improve your ediscovery mastery.

Our recent surveys show that the trend toward bringing ediscovery in house isn’t just continuing — it’s accelerating. But why? Find out how you can take full advantage of the power of moving your own ediscovery processes in house and improve success rates.

In this PREX17 session, “The Power of Taking Ediscovery In House,” our panelists explained what we learned in our surveys about why companies are increasingly shifting toward in-house ediscovery. Panelist shared the three major stages of ediscovery mastery, defined by the archetypes of Idlers, Strugglers and Achievers. Finally, they offered tips for how to move up the mastery ladder and which best practices can improve your in-house ediscovery outcomes.

You’ll hear from:

  • Jennifer Bantleman, Senior Director of Products at Zapproved; and
  • Rebecca Sprynczynatyk, Director of Product Marketing at Zapproved.

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