Our first official product review was published today and we couldn’t be more pleased!  TechnoLawyer, a popular legal technology and practice management resource that consists of a network of free, critically-acclaimed e-mail newsletters, TechnoLawyer Logopublished an in-depth review of Legal Hold Pro written by Bruce Olson, President of ONLAW Trial Technologies.

The article provides a detailed overview of the system’s operations.  In conclusion, the review had this to say:

“Legal Hold Pro provides a tremendous way to create proof positive of your good faith efforts to meet your legal hold responsibilities.  Legal Hold Pro is a tool every in-house lawyer, transactional attorney, and litigator should consider if they have to issue or manage legal holds.”

We invite you to read the review in its entirety by clicking on this link: http://blog.technolawyer.com/2010/04/review-legal-hold-pro.html (free registration required).

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