From PREX17, learn how to adapt your preservation efforts to today’s data sources

To effectively find and preserve the right evidence for each individual case, it’s not enough to simply look where we’ve habitually looked. With new data sources being created every day, rote obedience to an established preservation routine no longer yields the best results. Instead, we must learn to look where the most relevant, useful information actually is — which often means non-text information stored on mobile devices.

In this PREX17 keynote address, “The Streetlight Effect in Ediscovery: Are We Preserving the Most Relevant Data?,” lawyer and Special Master Craig Ball shared his advice about cutting-edge preservation. He explained why our old methods no longer work well and how we must advance the field of ediscovery by incorporating new data sources.

See his unique keynote summary for new ways to think creatively about searching, preserving, and collecting data on mobile devices.

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