PREX17 insights on creating a playbook for preservation that is litigation-ready.

image for PREX17 conference session summary on building a corporate legal preservation playbook that is litigation ready

PREX17 conference session summary offers tips on building a corporate legal preservation playbook for litigation response.

Do you have a legal preservation plan? Defensibly managing preservation is no easy task. Without proven tools and rules for legal holds, data deletion, custodian communication and outsourcing files, your preservation approach can be a liability for your company — bloating production times, draining budgets and increasing risk.

There’s a better way! Take control of preservation by adopting a master game plan — a strategy that accounts for each play, from anticipating litigation to preserving relevant data to releasing legal holds. In this PREX17 session, “Building Your Preservation Response Playbook,” these panelists walk through how to do just that:

  • Cortney Starble, E-Discovery Specialist at CBRE, Inc.
  • Leslie Kendrick, Litigation Counsel at Daimler
  • Bryan Dearinger, Associate General Counsel at University of Oregon


Don’t miss their practical tips on creating, monitoring and documenting preservation processes that are litigation-ready. This session summary outlines the best practices aimed at helping legal operations teams lower costs, mitigate risks and empower clear preservation workflows. Tap in for ideas on building a plan that earns more wins for the team.

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