For the enterprise, managing data is akin to herding billions of very active cats. As corporations moved from paper to digital data (but still retaining mountains of paper files), the sprawl initially shocked and disoriented those responsible for knowing where the data was kept. 

Preservation and Information Governance

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Fast forward to 2015, and the shock has worn off. That is not to say that information management is no longer a challenge. Technology continues to crank out new devices that create more data. Meantime, employees mingle personal and work data on personal devices and work devices, sending bits of digital information around the globe.

Governance in theory remains much tidier than governance in reality. A panel assembled for the PREX15 Conference on Preservation Excellence shared experiences on their information governance initiatives which illustrated both the progress made in the age of ediscovery, and the constant challenges that test their policies and their patience.

Panelists included:

  • Hon. Ron Hedges, moderator; Principal in Ronald J. Hedges, LLC and former U.S. Magistrate Judge, District of New Jersey
  • Matt McClelland, Manager of Information Governance Office, Blue Cross Blue  Shield of North Carolina
  • Charisma Starr, Legal IT Manager, Exelon
  • Brett Tarr, Counsel, Litigation & e-Discovery for Caesars Entertainment

Download Preservation and Information Governance or the entire PREX15 Proceedings: 2016 Legal Holds and Data Preservation

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