PREX15 Preservation and Enterprise Information Strategies

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Ediscovery has come miles since the days of “What do they want? Really? Where the heck is it?” Corporations now have ediscovery teams and tools in place to give structure and weight to the preservation/collection process. Yet specific strategies vary from company to company.

To assess the current ediscovery climate with respect to preservation strategies, the PREX15 Conference on Preservation Excellence assembled a panel of experts to share their views and experiences on what works and what does not. Panelists included:

  • David Cohen, moderator, Partner and Practice Group Leader for Global Records & E-Discovery Practice Group, Reed Smith LLP
  • Matt McClelland, Manager of Information Governance Office, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
  • Christopher Starr, Senior Director of Legal Technology, eDiscovery, 

The objective was two-fold: to share ideas about how a strategy should look, and to brainstorm ways to sell the strategy to the C-Suite so that it will carry weight within the organization. Download the chapter Preservation and Enterprise Information Strategies or the entire PREX15 Proceedings: 2016 Legal Holds and Data Preservation

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