Legaltech newsA Practical Path to Take Control of Ediscovery In-House

Authors:  Brad Harris, VP of Products, Zapproved, Inc. and Brett Tarr, Counsel, Litigation & E-Discovery for Caesars Entertainment

Current trends in data require developing new approaches to ediscovery—using true-SaaS technology and “Intelligent Discovery” processes gives in-house legal teams control, reduces costs, and increases access to data.

Ediscovery is continually a burden for corporations. One study finds that 57 percent of in-house counsel spend more than a $1 million on ediscovery annually. Because of that organizations are redirecting the work in-house, in order to get control and reduce cost. With this trend new, more practical approaches are needed to improve efficiency and effectiveness in their litigation and compliance response.

Learn how best to accomplish this from Brett and Brad by checking out the entire article originally posted on ALM’s Law Journal Newsletter.


Taking Control of E-Discovery In-House“on Law Journal Newsletter.