Exerpt from Legal IT Insider. “Ediscovery Comment: IT Offers Key Considerations for Corporate Legal Teams to Effectively Bring Ediscovery Inhouse + 6 point checklist” by Brad Harris.

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Cloud computing is simply a better approach for realizing the goals of bringing ediscovery in house, providing lower costs, faster processing times and enhanced efficiency. One way IT can help legal teams understand the benefits of the cloud is to encourage a more systematic purchase decision process before rushing to bring ediscovery in-house. This checklist should help ensure your team selects a solution that provides the greatest benefit at the least risk:

1. Scale capacity to meet your needs. Controlling costs means having the flexibility to instantly match capacity to the variable volumes of data inherent to ediscovery. Companies don’t have the time nor the resources to take on an expensive, several-months-long project to expand capacity in the middle of a firefight.

2. Ease-of-use puts power in the hands of the user. There is power and efficiency in giving users (including custodians) who are the most knowledgeable about the case access to tools that allow easy preservation, collection and processing of data. Such efficiency allows the team to quickly focus on the merits of the case.

3. Integrate with other processes and applications. Ediscovery is seldom performed in isolation from other business technology. Make sure your systems are able to integrate with other enterprise systems and processes, such as HR systems, asset management systems and data repositories. Automated integration can increase efficiency, reduce human error and mitigate the risk of inadvertent spoliation.

4. Security for today and tomorrow. Software that is being continually updated means your software is never out-of-date when it comes to the latest protections against data security vulnerabilities and loss.

5. Stay current with the evolution of technology. Technologies are constantly evolving. So should your ediscovery solution. How frequent are upgrades being made, and how much effort is required to implement?

6. Mind the total cost of ownership. Understand procurement costs, but don’t underestimate the hidden costs that can be a significant component of TCO. Don’t sign up for surprises. Make sure you understand the cost of implementation and training. Make sure you understand how long it will take to be up and running.

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