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Taming the Big Data Dragon

The more data you have, the higher your ediscovery costs. Therefore, the first step to driving down the cost of ediscovery is simply reducing the amount of data you have to manage. Data reduction requires consideration of the entire lifecycle of data, beginning with a plan for…

Notes from Duke Law School’s Annual EDRM Workshop

Notes from Duke Law School’s Annual EDRM Workshop By Brad Harris What’s new in the world of EDRM?Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of participating in the2019 EDRM Workshop at Duke Law as a member of their recently formed Advisory Council.I have a long history...

Tired of unpredictable, unmanageable ediscovery budgets?

Ediscovery is big business, costing organizations $40 billion a year or more. Bringing ediscovery in house is a common cost-saving measure, yet most companies are still frustrated by poorly executed processes and fluctuating, unpredictable budgets. In Analyzing the...