The New Law Department Professionals and Big E-Discovery

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The New Law Department Professionals and Big E-Discovery

Corporate legal takes accountability for operations and outcomes

Corporate law departments today can no longer afford to operate, and view themselves, as consumers of revenue, set apart from the rest of the enterprise by the special knowledge and skills they possess to rescue the company from legal threats. Rather, the general counsel is expected to manage the department in ways that demonstrate its value to the whole as a team player that conserves assets and can prove its worth.

Doing so requires philosophical shifts in department expectations and evaluations. Two key areas need to be examined as a starting point: viewing the overall departmental mission as avoiding risk; and mechanically delegating tasks to outside counsel or vendors. Once those shifts have been made, metrics must be established to measure departmental activities so that the C-Suite can see in black and white what returns it’s receiving from its investment in Legal.

Creating such a law department was the subject of a session at PREX15, The Conference on Preservation Excellence. Panelists included:

  • Charlotte Riser Harris, Manager, Practice Support, Hess Corporation, Moderator
  • Woods Abbott, Legal Operations/eDiscovery Lead, Raytheon
  • Dan Christensen, Counsel of IT, Privacy & Security at Intel Corporation
  • Christopher Starr, Senior Director of Legal Technology, eDiscovery, Comcast

Download The New Law Department Professionals and Big E-Discovery or the entire PREX15 Proceedings: 2016 Legal Holds and Data Preservation

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