Legal Hold Pro Analytics

Analytics is designed to show high-level metrics for your data in Legal Hold Pro. Users can view the analytics tab even if they do not have access to all holds in the Legal Hold Center and can print or export the dashboard to a pdf. Please contact Zapproved for more details.

Legal Hold Analytics

Get an overview of your hold data using Analytics

Tag Sorting Just Became Easier

Now it’s easier and more intuitive to manage your holds and contacts using tags.

Legal Hold Pro Tags

Admin tags first then, sorted alphabetically for ease of use.

This is a great example of how the Zapproved user experience team worked directly with customers to improve the flow and overall usability of the system. Details matter, commented Katy Boyles, Product Manager, Zapproved.


Zapproved loves customer feedback. As a result, we’ve updated our Reports with more information, updated fields, scalability, and usability changes — giving customers access to their information¬†quickly and more efficiently.


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