Brett Tarr, who is Counsel, Litigation and E-Discovery, for a large hospitality and entertainment company, used Legal Hold Pro to radically improve legal hold results across his organization.

Legal Hold Case Study: How Brett Tarr Radically Improved Legal Hold Results

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According to Tarr, the hospitality and entertainment industry faces frequent litigation. His company, for example, handles thousands of matters a year, all of which require legal holds. It was crucial that his team find a reliable, efficient system that streamlined holds and ensured spot-on oversight every step of the way.

With his old ediscovery platform, placing and managing legal holds was time-consuming, confusing and cumbersome. That complexity was costing his team and his company a lot of stress — by impeding workflows and creating communication mishaps. These clunky side effects were also hurting legal hold outcomes.

To take charge of his team’s legal hold future, Tarr switched to Legal Hold Pro by Zapproved. This platform simplifies and secures his company’s entire legal hold notification and preservation process. For Tarr, Legal Hold Pro better controls risks, manages hold volume, is more user-friendly and effortlessly automates feeds. The result is a drastically smoother and faster preservation experience for the whole company.

Read the inspiring story of how Tarr made the switch — and why Legal Hold Pro made all the difference.



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