Take charge of ediscovery preservation with these six steps to a better legal hold process.

It’s no secret: managing a legal hold defensibly and sustainably is a demanding job. You must know your duty to preserve evidence — and issue each legal hold quickly, clearly and securely as soon as litigation is reasonably anticipated.

That means informing custodians of their obligation to preserve data across all devices, systems and data repositories. Success requires clear strategy and the right technology to make it possible.

For helpful insights, please check out this updated legal hold how-to guide. It walks through the six steps to a smooth and defensible process.

Tap in to discover how implementing these best practices can ensure your legal hold process meets its duty every time:

  • Use legal hold templates to reduce risk
  • Uncover critical insights through custodian interviews
  • Improve custodian response rates to litigation holds
  • Handle terminated employees on legal hold
  • Release a litigation hold
  • Create a defensible preservation audit trail

Download the Zapproved Guide on Legal Hold How Tos to learn valuable insights on improving your ediscovery practices.


Questions on improving your legal hold process?

We’re here to help you unlock ediscovery mastery. If you need a hand or have questions, please contact us.

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