Zapproved’s VP of Products, Brad Harris, explains how speed is key to in-house legal departments. Today, discovery is taking longer than it should. It is increasing risks, costs, and uncertainty for corporations.

Author:  Brad Harris, Zapproved


An often overlooked dimension of ediscovery is speed—i.e., how quickly one can make informed decisions to lessen risk and cost of resolving matters. Traditionally, ediscovery processes have not been measured in minutes and hours, but rather in days, weeks, and even months. This glacial pace is accepted “as is” because there have been few alternatives offered by legacy on-premise software technology or service providers.

This whitepaper explains these four key factors on why speed matters in ediscovery today:

  1. The secret weapon to “know now”
  2. Reducing risk and accelerating the ediscovery process
  3. Improving ECA workflows
  4. Reducing uncertainty

Download your copy of In-House Elevated: The Power of Knowing Now— Why Speed Matters in Ediscovery whitepaper today.

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