Five steps to harnessing social and digital device data in corporate litigation response.

Is your corporate litigation response strategy ready for social media and digital device data? As millennials bring new devices to the workplace, data from these emerging sources is affecting corporate e-discovery more every day.

Prepare for this onslaught by mapping your data across the digital ecosystem. This guide offers five essential tips for managing social media, cloud and digital device data throughout corporate litigation response.

Dig in for best practices on mapping new data sources and automating preservation and collection processes to produce more defensible outcomes. Don’t miss these tips to:

  • Map your digital data ecosystem
  • Evolve policies, procedures and training
  • Use automation technology to create the most defensible strategy possible
  • Anticipate the tech innovations shaping tomorrow

Discover these best practices for addressing the data sources, integrations and users that are changing the game for corporate litigation response — and chart your success path to the future.

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