From PREX17, learn 10 simple steps to defensible data-destruction.

In today’s world, businesses are accumulating ever-increasing amounts of data, with no end in sight. This growing data is subsequently exploding corporate e-discovery costs. One key to reducing the costs and risks associated with e-discovery is to jettison data once it’s no longer needed. But how?

In this PREX17 session, “Cleaning the Pipes: Defensible Data Deletion,” our panelists outlined 10 simple steps that companies can follow to create and maintain a defensible data-destruction program. From developing stakeholder buy-ins to processing documentation, this session summary explains what you need to know to safely and reasonably purge your files.

Moderator David Cohen, Chair of Records and E-Discovery Group at Reed Smith, led a discussion with:

  • The Honorable Frank Maas, former U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of New York;
  • Brian Corbin, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at JPMorgan Chase; and
  • Ryan Zilm, Manager, Records & Information Governance, at Andeavor.

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