From PREX17, get advice about migrating ediscovery in house.

When does it makes sense to keep your e-discovery in house? And when should you send an aspect of the process — such as hosting or review — to an outside vendor?

In this PREX17 session, “Bringing e-Discovery In House: Stories from the Trenches,” our panelists detailed their experiences with bringing at least part of their e-discovery processes in house. The panelists outlined the lessons they’d learned, explained some best practices and pointed out pitfalls to avoid. If you want to know more about the distinct benefits of bringing at least part of your e-discovery process in house, check out this session.

You’ll learn from:

  • Dawn Radcliffe, Legal Technology Manager at TransCanada Pipeline;
  • Josh Hoffman, Director of Technology Solutions at McKesson; and
  • Barbara Squires, E-Discovery Manager at The Home Depot.

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