PREX17 keynote insights on the five exponential technologies

Much of the technology that’s available today sounds like science fiction. Imagine millions of sensors connected to the internet, cataloging and recording your every move. Or fleets of autonomous vehicles with a single collective consciousness, sharing experiences and learning exponentially. Or in-home genomic sequencing, along with the ability to edit DNA. These amazing technologies aren’t some pie-in-the-sky vision of the future; they’re here now.

In the closing keynote address from PREX17, “The Future of Data and Data Acquisition,” innovator and entrepreneur Steve Watson discussed five exponential technologies that he expects will change the world — and the world of ediscovery. Watson is the founder of VTO Labs and an expert in cybersecurity, digital forensics, and more. Now he’s got a message for ediscovery professionals: learn how to keep up with technological innovation, because it’s not slowing down.

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