Steve Watson, eDiscovery Architect, IntelSteve Watson, e-discovery architect at Intel Corporation, presented the keynote address at the PREX 2015 Conference on Preservation Excellence. Steve is a technologist and prolific author who is focused in the areas of eDiscovery, forensics, risks and compliance. His career spans a variety of technology environments, from startups to his current role at Intel. He is a member of the Digital Evidence Subcommittee of the NIST Organization of Scientific Area of Committees where he serves as the Task Group Chair for the mobile device forensics. Steve also serves on the United States Scientific Workgroup for Digital Evidence representing expertise in mobile devices, emerging technologies and damaged devices. In his spare time, Steve is a PhD research student of digital forensics focused on new and emergent technologies at Glasgow Caledonian University in Glasgow, Scotland.


Why care today about how to find data in 2020?

Technology is moving faster than it has, really, at any point in history. We’re starting to grapple with what that means in our enterprise environments. 

What does that mean for my legal matter? How am I going to deal with this? Stuff that was science fiction years ago is now real. Now you can now walk into homes and control everything by

Steve Watson, Finding our data in the year 2020

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voice. You can get in cars that have more computing power than the last space shuttles that we sent into space. Things are moving so quickly that, unless we pause and understand where things are going, and give you the confidence that people are thinking about how we will get data out of these areas, it can be intimidating. The insights Steve shares about the state of the digital universe and  how we’re going to find our data in the year 2020 are highly applicable to organizations managing growing volumes of disparate data for discovery.


Download Finding our Data in the Year 2020 or the entire PREX15 Proceedings:2016 Legal Holds and Data Preservation

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