Legaltech newsE-discovery experts share the pros and cons around price compression in the growing e-discovery industry.

Author: Ian Lopez, Legaltech News

Experts like Monica Enand, Zapproved’s CEO and founder, and Adi Elliot, Vice President of Marketing at Epiq Systems, explain five of the ups and downs of the continually growing e-discovery industry.

  1. Client Perception of Pricing – Paradise or Flux?
  2. Goodbye Data Centers, Hello “Cloud-Washing”
  3. Benchmarking in a Saturated Marketplace – Too Many Players in the Game?
  4. Interplay Between Customer and Provider
  5. E-Discovery For All?

Check out the ways e-discovery price compressions is impacting its clients in various industries in the entire article originally posted on Legaltech News.


5 Ups and Downs of E-Discovery Price Compression” on Legaltech News.


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