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March 2015 Whitepaper


The Benefit of Single Instance Multi-tenant SaaS Architecture

Advances in cloud technology are creating many new challenges — and new solutions — for e-discovery.

New applications are fundamentally changing the way we create, share and interact with data. At the same time, cloud computing is driving down the cost of data storage, leading to even greater volumes of data being retained in more disparate places. As a result, traditional approaches to e-discovery are unable to address the challenges arising from the accelerating shift toward the cloud.

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March 2015 Newsletter


Case Law + Clinton Email Issue Highlights Risk Associated with ESI

The revelation that former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton exclusively used a private email account to conduct government business spotlights a big challenge facing employers in both private and public sectors. Organizations could be at great risk if they don’t have information governance policies addressing data retention…

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March 2015 Webinar


Cloud E-Discovery: Solving the Right Problems with a Modern Approach

This webinar explores, in depth, e-discovery challenges, including dealing with growing amounts of data, disparate storage methodologies, data accessibility, security and encryption standards and the “consumerization” of business information systems. The panel explored up-to-date methods for using technological advances in cloud computing to solve problems and create a strategic advantage.

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E-Discovery Resources

What e-discovery resources do you need? The team at Zapproved regularly produces educational e-discovery resources for the community. It is our belief that technology should speed justice, not the other way around. We also believe that in order to democratize discovery, people must be informed about available e-discovery resources so that they may keep current on the trends and issues affecting corporate legal departments. At the foundation, the key to controlling cost is limiting the data set that requires in depth review. The best way to accomplish this goal is through a combination of preservation best practices and the smart use of technology that enables affordable and efficient e-discovery processes.

Zapproved is widely recognized for its thought leadership surrounding issues affecting e-discovery. Over the years, we’ve come to realize that best practices are critical. Companies who focus on preservation best practices and develop a culture of compliance, mitigate risk and reduce costs. That is why on our website, you’ll find a rich compendium of educational material. Whether it is a review of relevant case law surrounding legal hold best practices, or a white paper on the total cost of ownership for cloud solutions, events like the Conference on Preservation Excellence (PREX), or e-discovery best practices webinars, there is something for audiences of all experience levels.

Suggest E-Discovery Resources

Although we have a rich library of e-discovery resources for the community, we are always interested in feedback from the audiences we serve. Please contact us and suggest an e-discovery resource that you would like to see.