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November 2014 Whitepaper


Legal Holds and Data Preservation 2015

Inspired by the proceedings of the latest Conference on Preservation Excellence (PREX), this 38-page resource features commentary on 10 of the most important preservation topics by industry experts, litigation and eDiscovery specialists from top law firms, in-house counsel from G2000 corporations, and 6 current and former federal judges. Download it now and give your preservation strategy an advantage.

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January 2015 Newsletter


5 E-Discovery Predictions for 2015, 2 New Case Summaries

E-Discovery is a resource and capital-intensive function of business. Corporations are seeing a significant portion of their profits going toward litigation. As corporations strive to reduce the cost and risk associated with e-Discovery, we see some future trends that will both challenge and assist corporations moving forward in 2015….

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December 2014 Webinar


The Path to Litigation Readiness

Dawn Radcliffe, Discovery Manager for TransCanada Pipelines joined Legal Hold Pro and Recommind to discuss TransCanada’s experience and success applying industry best practices to the entire EDRM framework.

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E-Discovery Resources

What e-discovery resources do you need? The team at Zapproved regularly produces educational e-discovery resources for the community. It is our belief that technology should speed justice, not the other way around. We also believe that in order to democratize discovery, people must be informed about available e-discovery resources so that they may keep current on the trends and issues affecting corporate legal departments. At the foundation, the key to controlling cost is limiting the data set that requires in depth review. The best way to accomplish this goal is through a combination of preservation best practices and the smart use of technology that enables affordable and efficient e-discovery processes.

Zapproved is widely recognized for its thought leadership surrounding issues affecting e-discovery. Over the years, we’ve come to realize that best practices are critical. Companies who focus on preservation best practices and develop a culture of compliance, mitigate risk and reduce costs. That is why on our website, you’ll find a rich compendium of educational material. Whether it is a review of relevant case law surrounding legal hold best practices, or a white paper on the total cost of ownership for cloud solutions, events like the Conference on Preservation Excellence (PREX), or e-discovery best practices webinars, there is something for audiences of all experience levels.

Suggest E-Discovery Resources

Although we have a rich library of e-discovery resources for the community, we are always interested in feedback from the audiences we serve. Please contact us and suggest an e-discovery resource that you would like to see.