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Legal Hold Pro


The most trusted solution for creating a defensible preservation process

Award winning, Legal Hold Pro is the fastest way to effectively automate legal hold notification, collection request tracking, and terminated employee data preservation.

Designed for use by corporate legal teams, Legal Hold Pro is widely adopted among Fortune 500 companies. The on-demand service is secure, streamlines the practice of issuing legal holds, and improves the ability of the legal team to identify and protect data. Through Request Tracking, legal teams can manage collection workflows and effectively collaborate with IT on other tasks such as silent holds and collections. Its mobile and global accessibility enhances response rates, and the automation of best-practice preservation processes, reduces risk and increases defensibility.


Superior Reporting Provides Real-Time Insights

Legal teams can take advantage of data-driven methods to get real-time insights into the performance of their e-discovery efforts and identify opportunities to improve their processes. On the individual performance level corporations can easily track status of holds at a glance to enhance the ability to stay on track and to know where things stand. Corporate counsel can even have reports sent direct to their inbox on a regular basis without having to log in to the system.



Enables corporations to create a defensible process for meeting the obligation for legal hold notification including templates and custodian interviews. Reporting and audit trail of each step gives legal teams confidence their preservation efforts will meet the “reasonable and good faith” standard required by the courts.


Automated hold process and framework along with automated custodial interviews make it quick to gather information from custodians. Automated reminders and tracking of custodian status reduces manual effort significantly.


Easy-to-use legal hold solution gives legal teams vast control over preservation. Our record of never having a failed implementation, means that corporate legal teams will be up and running successfully.


Mobile and global accessibility means that when in-house legal teams initiate a hold, they can get immediate responses from custodians from anywhere, and from any device.


Works with enterprise systems to create automated processes for importing addresses or managing workflows for terminated employees.


Request Tracking – Issue Timely Collection Requests and Ensure Completion

Request Tracking in Legal Hold Pro provides in-house legal teams with a powerful tool to manage the collections process. The feature extends your visibility to stay on top of your preservation obligations from issuing legal hold notifications through tracking data collections. The feature also enables teams to conduct silent holds and collections for time sensitive collections.

In-house legal teams gain real-time intelligence on the status of collection requests – knowing when actions were requested, which tasks are in progress, those needing attention and those that have been completed. Litigation support professionals and IT can oversee efforts and produce detailed reports on actions such as collecting data when a custodian leaves the organization, enabling email archiving, or suspending routine destruction of data.


Migration Pack – Move Over Legacy Holds

We make it straightforward to oversee all your legal holds with Legal Hold Pro including legacy holds. With Migration Pack, companies can start off on the right foot and unify the management of all their holds in one single application, making it easier to report on the collective status.


HoldLink – An Integral Part for Connecting to the Corporate Technology Ecosystem

We make Legal Hold Pro more accessible via our APIs so in-house legal teams can use our ‘best in class’ legal hold system with other enterprise software and leading e-discovery collection and review tools.

HoldLink for Legal Hold Pro provides a secure, universal gateway for exchanging critical data with enterprise application systems and electronic discovery tools. The bi-directional API passes information so that Legal Hold Pro can receive updated contact information and also forward custodian data and collection requests to popular collection and processing software tools.

On the input side, HoldLink synchronizes with global address lists such as Active Directory and other mainstream HR and email systems to maintain current contact information, including alerting hold administrators when custodians depart an organization. For connecting with related enterprise applications, HoldLink can share custodian lists, current compliance status and collection requests with software systems further downstream in the e-discovery workflow. Legal Hold Pro is already integrated with Recommind, Nuix, Proofpoint and other systems.



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