Zapproved is an Oregon-based software-as-a-service company. We focus on the legal and compliance market with tools that strengthen processes and create efficiencies through intelligent automation.



Computing is changing. Data storage and processing has commoditized and it is much more cost-efficient. Thanks to high-speed data, people are using centralized resources, much like utilities such as electricity. This is more powerful and inevitable.


Creating software designed with the user in mind is where we start. It needs to be useful and intuitive to operate. If we do our job well, it looks simple.


We don’t just want our customers to be satisfied, we want them to be enthusiastic. We are responsive and go the extra mile in every interaction.


We strive to go further in every way. We are committed to growth and innovation in our technology, our community and ourselves.


Zapproved started with the idea of creating more accountability between people. With the advent of email, affirmative replies were becoming an endangered species.

Starting in early 2008, Monica Enand gathered a small team in her home to build a cloud-based system. Embracing agile software development, the company’s namesake product went live in the summer of 2008 to much accolades -- including coverage in Mashable, TechCrunch and Lifehacker. It was an encouraging start with businesses, non-profits and government agencies across the country relying on Zapproved to manage decision-making and approval workflows.

The company’s strategic vision was always to take the concept embodied in the Zapproved product and optimize it to solve corporate problems. After a great deal of market research and customer interviews, the team focused on helping corporations overcome the challenge of data preservation.

In December 2009, we launched Legal Hold Pro. It was the first cloud-based system for managing litigation holds. As we gained customers, the system continued to evolve by incorporating new ideas from the expanding user base.

Our laser-focus on preservation has propelled Legal Hold Pro. The system is widely adopted in the GC’s office among Fortune 500 and Global 2000 corporations, including household names in financial services, high tech, energy, healthcare/pharma and manufacturing. It is considered the ‘gold standard’ for preservation and is #1 in its category.

Monica Enand
Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, Founder

Monica Enand

Monica brings extensive management experience and software expertise to the Zapproved team as chief executive officer. She has grown Zapproved into a leading software provider with a compliance platform making it easier and more economical for businesses facing increasing rules and regulations. Prior to founding Zapproved, Monica had over 15 years with blue-chip companies such as Intel and IBM. Monica holds an M.B.A. from University of Portland and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Monica is a speaker and active member in the entrepreneurial community in Portland. In 2014, Monica was appointed by the Governor of Oregon to the Oregon Growth Board, and she is on the board of the Technology Association of Oregon. She was recognized by the Portland Business Journal in 2010 as an Orchid Award winner for achievement for women in business.

Chris Bright
VP of Marketing

Chris Bright

Chris has worked in marketing and communications for 20 years and has expertise in working with start-up and emerging growth companies. He most recently managed worldwide corporate communications for Pixelworks, a publicly traded semiconductor company. While there, he was part of Pixelworks' IPO team in 2000. Chris previously worked at two high-tech public relations firms, one of which he founded grew from six to 26 employees in the first year. He has additional experience working for a major law firm and with the World Bank. Chris holds an MA in International affairs from The George Washington University and a BA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Lee Harding
Chief Technology Officer

Lee Harding

Lee has worked in software technology for more than 20 years and brings experience from Autodesk, Intel and Sunstone Circuits. He provides high-level technical guidance in opportunities ranging from analysis and remediation strategies for regulatory mandates to fine-grained decisions such as team tool selection. His technical experience is varied and includes e-commerce, corporate web presence and ECAD application development. Lee holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University, a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Portland State University, and has been awarded four patents for his work. Lee is very involved in the entrepreneurship community including the Software Association of Oregon, the Austin Entrepreneurship Program at Oregon State University, and FIRST Robotics.

Elise Klein
Director of Operations

Elise Klein

Elise leads Zapproved’s client support, operations and oversees product development. She previously held a broad portfolio of responsibilities for start-up Avnera. Elise holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Oregon.

Brad Harris
VP of Products

Brad Harris

Brad has more than 30 years of experience in the high technology and enterprise software sectors, including assisting Fortune 1000 companies enhance their e-discovery preparedness through technology and process improvement. Brad is a frequent author and speaker on data preservation and e-discovery issues, including articles in National Law Journal, Corporate Counsel, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel and Information Management and presentations at leading industry events such as LegalTech New York. Prior to joining Zapproved, he led the development of electronic discovery readiness consulting efforts for Fios, Inc. from 2004 to 2009. He has held senior management positions at prominent public and privately held companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Tektronix and Merant.


Portland, Ore., August 13, 2014The 2014 Legal Hold and Data Preservation Benchmark Survey, the largest survey conducted in the area of electronic discovery, identifies several key findings that show a significant shift toward more automation in litigation holds resulting in higher confidence levels in the data preservation process. Zapproved predicts that businesses have reached the tipping point and the majority of all legal data preservation will be automated by 2015.

"This year's results demonstrate how the move to automating data preservation yields significant benefits, including confidence in their processes," said Brad Harris, VP of Legal Products, Zapproved. "The evolving trend is that legal hold processes are becoming more mature. From last year to this, those using automated systems jumped from 34 percent to 44 percent, reporting benefits not only in efficiency and process maturity, but also in their confidence to defend their preservation practices."

The extensive survey provides insight on the current attitudes, risks and pain points associated with the obligation to preserve data. Building on the inaugural 2013 study, over 536 professionals dealing directly with litigation hold management participated.

Key Findings

One key dimension of the study was comparing those respondents that currently use manual legal hold processes with those with automated systems in place.

  • From last year to this, those using automated systems jumped from 34 percent to 44 percent.
  • Those using manual processes are more than three times as likely to be 'very unsatisfied', and more than five times more likely to lack confidence in their process.
  • Eighty percent of automated users consider their processes are better than most as compared to less than half of the manual users.

Another aspect of the study solicited input on best practices and preservation effectiveness.

  • While two-thirds train their employees on legal holds, only 46 percent felt that employees understand their preservation obligation.
  • Three out of four preservation managers believe that employees will follow through on their preservation obligations.
  • From 2013 to 2014, the number of participants that have defended practices moved from 22 percent to 31 percent.
  • Respondents indicating that preservation was an undue burden dropped from 15 percent to 12.9 percent.

The survey also showed a significant jump in the number of hours spent per month.

  • This year 56 percent spend more than 5 hours per month on legal holds up from 52 percent.
  • Those users deemed "power-preservers" (issuing six or more holds a month) increased from less than 15 percent to nearly 20 percent with this year's survey.
  • A majority of the organizations now issue legal holds in most of their matters.

An interesting trend emerged this year regarding outside counsel.

  • The 2014 response shows only 3 percent rely on outside counsel, which is half the portion indicated in 2013; suggesting that preservation is handled almost entirely in-house at this point.


The survey, conducted from May 5, 2014 to June 30, 2014, used an online questionnaire conducted by The Steinberg Group LLC. The survey sample, of 536, only included individuals that affirmatively acknowledged that they are responsible for managing litigation hold processes.

When looking at titles, the sample was distributed as follows:

  • 37.0 percent of participants were attorneys, with 17.2 percent self-identifying as GC/AGC
  • 42.6 percent were litigation support or paralegals
  • Remaining 20.3 percent were non-legal staff responsible for administering legal holds, such as records managers and IT professionals

Download the full survey here: http://www.legalholdpro.com/survey2014.


Portland, Ore., January 16, 2014 – Zapproved® Inc. introduced today the new Collections Tracking module in Legal Hold Pro™, the industry’s fastest growing legal hold management software. With Collections Tracking, in-house legal teams will have a powerful tool for directing and overseeing both the preservation and collection of potentially responsive electronically stored information.

Once custodians have been notified of a preservation obligation, the legal team utilizes the Collections Tracking module to initiate a collection request, notify assigned collectors of tasks, and track progress. The system provides real-time intelligence on the status of collection process while creating a detailed audit trail and timeline for increased defensibility.

“Collections Tracking is the perfect complement to our standard-setting litigation hold workflow. Collection activities can be complex to manage, and the Collections Tracking module in Legal Hold Pro offers a powerful way to organize such tasks and track progress in real-time,” said Brad Harris, Zapproved’s Vice President for Legal Products. “This new module ensures the legal team is able to manage the complete workflow associated with data preservation with minimal effort and consistent results.”

A key benefit of Legal Hold Pro’s Collections Tracking is how it serves as platform between the legal and IT departments. The module provides a complete list of tasks for the collectors who are typically in the IT department and responsible for such efforts as collecting data, enabling email archiving, or suspending routine destruction of data.

Legal Hold Pro, recent winner of the 2013 Best of Legal Times Legal Hold Solution, is the fastest growing litigation hold management system in the industry. Organizations are selecting it to replace time-consuming manual legal holds or less sophisticated software tools.

Legal Hold Pro’s Collections Tracking module is now available for customers and more details can be provided upon request. Call 1-888-366-0666 or send an email to info@legalholdpro.com.

Best of Legal Times 2013

Legal Hold Pro is proud to announce that our software has been voted the best legal hold solution over our competitors in the 2013 The Best of Legal Times annual readers’ poll. The awards for 90 different categories were announced on November 25 and will be distributed in a special print supplement to The National Law Journal & Legal Times. There is no need to wait, however, because you can read the entire supplement by downloading the 2013 Best of Legal Times Reader’s Rankings (PDF) now. Special thanks go out to those of you who voted in the survey, we appreciate your support!

Best of Legal Times 2013

We just published the landmark Legal Hold and Data Preservation Benchmark Survey 2013. Conducted by the Steinberg Group LLC, the survey measured the prevailing attitudes of 525 professionals who currently oversee legal hold processes, making it the largest study of its kind focused specifically on how organizations are currently handling legal data preservation.

Legal Hold Pro Benchmark Survey

Some key findings from the Legal Hold and Data Preservation Benchmark Survey 2013 are as follows:

  • More than half of survey participants still use manual processes for tracking litigation holds, five percent communicate litigation holds verbally, and one third now have a software system in place.
  • Despite the attention afforded sanction cases, only 22 percent of the survey participants have had to actually defend their preservation efforts.
  • 54 percent of respondents consider their organization to be “at risk” from legal holds.
  • When evaluating efforts to create a “culture of compliance” through training about data preservation, 70 percent of participants indicated that their organization offers training but less than half (47 percent) feel custodians understand their responsibilities.
  • When comparing their data preservation process to peer organizations, 62 percent indicated “better than most”; this figure jumped to 81 percent among respondents using an automated system.
  • When automating the legal holds process, organizations reported benefits that included increased efficiency, the propensity to issue holds, and satisfaction and confidence in their process.

By surveying the largest audience of legal professionals actively engaged in data preservation, the 2013 Benchmark Survey provides the clearest picture of legal hold process maturity to date. In general, the legal industry is still in an early phase of embracing litigation hold processes with a need for more defensible processes and better internal training. However, we clearly see those organizations that are investing in their preservation process report tangible benefits that reduce cost and mitigate risk.

We plan to continue to measure best practices in order to better understand the growing influence of case law and technology in this critical area of focus.

To download a complimentary copy of the Legal Hold and Data Preservation Benchmark Survey 2013, please visit http://www3.legalholdpro.com/LegalHoldBenchmarkSurvey.html.


National e-discovery leaders and in-house practitioners gather for first conference to focus on legal preservation that will provide practical advice for reducing the burden of preservation

Portland, Ore., July 26, 2012 – The 2012 Conference on Preservation Excellence, the first conference focused exclusively on improving the legal preservation process, will be held September 27-28, 2012, in Portland, Oregon. The Conference’s goal is to highlight the importance of sound data preservation and to emphasize real-world techniques that meet the standards of care demanded by the courts — while minimizing the preservation burden in terms of both costs and labor.

The Conference on Preservation Excellence is designed for General Counsels, litigation support professionals, outside counsels, paralegals, and records managers who have a desire to take control of the preservation process. The program features nationally recognized e-discovery leaders and practitioners responsible for data preservation efforts at major corporations.

The Conference on Preservation Excellence (PREX12) will be hosted at The Nines Hotel in the heart of downtown Portland, Ore. An “early bird” registration fee for the Conference at $495 per person is currently available, and will increase to $695 per person after August 17, 2012. Attendees can also take advantage of a group rate at The Nines.

The Conference on Preservation Excellence is presented in partnership with the following sponsors: Legal Hold Pro, Nuix and eDJ Group. If interested in becoming a sponsor, please visit http://prex12.com/PREX12_Sponsors.html.

To register and find complete information about the Conference on Preservation Excellence, please visit http://prex12.com. The social media tag for the event is #PREX12.


New cloud-based system combines industry-leading litigation hold technology with Nuix collection and eDiscovery solutions

Portland, Ore., May 16, 2012 – Nuix, a worldwide provider of information management technologies, and Zapproved® Inc., developers of Legal Hold Pro™, today announced a technology partnership to introduce Nuix Legal Hold. Nuix Legal Hold is a cloud-based legal hold notification and compliance tracking system that works with Nuix collection and eDiscovery solutions. Nuix Legal Hold is built on Legal Hold Pro, which has been enthusiastically embraced by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies because it is the fastest and simplest way to manage the legal hold notification and compliance process.

Nuix Legal Hold provides legal teams the ability to manage the electronic discovery process from the trigger event through collection, indexing and production of electronic data. The system streamlines the overall process of responding to anticipated litigation and satisfies the duty to preserve relevant information in a defensible, repeatable manner. With Nuix Legal Hold, legal teams now have a fully integrated electronic discovery solution that systematically tracks, notifies and analyzes data from custodians subject to litigation holds.

“Zapproved has developed an effective and efficient system for managing litigation holds and the preservation workflow, and we’re very excited to work together to offer Nuix Legal Hold as a valuable service for our customers,” said Nuix CEO, Eddie Sheehy. “Nuix Legal Hold perfectly complements our existing solutions for managing electronic discovery.”

“Nuix and Zapproved are both committed to introducing powerful solutions into the legal market that our users find simple and easy to use,” said Monica Enand, CEO and founder of Zapproved. “By partnering with Nuix, we are integrating two state-of-the-art solutions in a way that empowers organizations to take on the challenging complexities of managing eDiscovery in-house.”

Nuix Legal Hold is available now and will be showcased at LegalTech West Coast May 22–23 at Booth 312. For more information on Nuix Legal Hold visit www.nuix.com/legalhold.


LegalTech™, New York, January 30, 2012 – Zapproved® Inc. announced today that Legal Hold Pro can now initiate and track collection tasks associated with a legal hold. After notifying custodians of a duty to preserve, a legal team often needs to take additional steps such as suspending auto-deletion in an email archive or triggering a data collection. With this new capability, Legal Hold Pro enables hold managers to proactively issue preservation or collection requests and track results.

The new functionality supports defining any number of detailed tasks, with assigned resources such as IT personnel or records managers being able to report progress on each task. Hold managers can monitor in real-time both custodian compliance and collections progress, and retain a complete history of all actions taken.

Legal Hold Pro has become the fastest growing legal hold management system by helping corporate legal teams and law firms implement defensible preservation efforts. The on-demand system is intuitive to operate and can be used immediately without the need to install, configure or maintain software.

“The mission of Legal Hold Pro is to be the most straightforward path for organizations to get their data preservation process more than just under control, but streamlined and efficient,” said Brad Harris, Vice President of Legal Products, Zapproved. “With this latest release, our customers can ensure that both legal hold notifications and associated data preservation and collection tasks are effectively managed throughout the life of a matter.”

Legal Hold Pro has been embraced by Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms and government agencies because it reduces risks of adverse outcomes in litigation. The proven compliance platform also offers significant savings by reducing labor costs associated with legal holds by more than 75 percent which delivers an ROI of more than 260 percent in the first year.

To see a demonstration of Legal Hold Pro at LegalTech in New York from January 30 to February 1, visit Booth 537. To schedule a time to view a demonstration, send an email to info@legalholdpro.com or call (888) 376-0666.


LegalTech™, New York, January 30, 2012 – Zapproved® Inc. announced today the introduction of a set of new features so law firms can work with clients to deploy the fastest growing legal hold notification and compliance tracking system. Since Legal Hold Pro is web-based, law firms can immediately utilize the tool with clients without the need to install, configure or maintain software.

The Legal Hold Pro Law Firm Advantage Edition supports a level of collaboration that has not been available until now. Outside counsel can work side-by-side in the system with clients to ensure the legal hold and preservation process is being managed in a defensible and “good faith” manner. The Law Firm Advantage Edition allows a firm to manage and monitor multiple clients with a single login, including drafting and sending legal hold notices. The law firm can also respond directly to custodian questions and distribute preservation questionnaires.

A key element to the new edition is that Law Firm Advantage supports the ability to pass through the costs on a client-by-client basis so billing accurately reflects the usage for each client. The affordable service makes using it a powerful and globally-accessible tool for clients of every size.

“Legal Hold Pro Law Firm Advantage has been developed with guidance from a great number of law firms working with clients to meet the standard that the courts now expect,” said Brad Harris, Vice President of Legal Products, Zapproved. “Our team responded with new features for managing preservation collaboratively while still maintaining our ease-of-use which is a hallmark of Legal Hold Pro. The courts have been clear that outside counsel must be actively engaged in the preservation efforts of their clients, so this edition is a way to do that right away.”

Legal Hold Pro, Zapproved’s flagship product for managing legal hold notification and compliance, has been embraced by Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms and government agencies because it reduces risks of adverse outcomes in litigation. The proven compliance platform also offers significant savings by reducing labor costs associated with legal holds by more than 75 percent which delivers an ROI of more than 260 percent in the first year.

To see a demonstration of Legal Hold Pro at LegalTech in New York from January 30 to February 1, visit Booth 537. To schedule a time to view a demonstration, send an email to info@legalholdpro.com or call (888) 376-0666.


Portland, Ore., January 30, 2012 – Zapproved Inc., a software provider with a powerful compliance platform for businesses facing increasing rules and regulations to efficiently manage their obligations, announced today that the Board of Directors has voted to appoint Hon. Robert J. Cindrich (Ret.) to the Board. Cindrich served as a Federal judge in the U.S. District Court for Western Pennsylvania for 10 years and currently serves as Senior Advisor to the Office of the President at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), one of the leading nonprofit health systems in the United States. He had formerly served from 2004 to 2011 as UPMC’s Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. Cindrich currently serves on the Board of Directors of Mylan Inc. (Nasdaq:MYL), a leading diversified generic and specialty pharmaceutical company.

Cindrich will join the existing Board of Directors beginning January 2012. The current Board members include Allen Alley, former CEO and Chair of Pixelworks (Nasdaq:PXLW), Steve Sharp, Chairman of Triquint Semiconductor (Nasdaq:TQNT), Randy Steck, former VP and GM at Intel, Steve Wynne, Chief Marketing Officer for Jeld-Wen and founding partner of Ater Wynne LLP, and Monica Enand, CEO and Founder of Zapproved.

“We are excited to add Mr. Cindrich’s expertise to our Board of Directors. He has a rare combination of experience from leading corporate legal and compliance organizations to his perspective from serving 10 years on the bench as a highly respected Federal judge,” said Monica Enand. “His counsel will be critical as we continue to grow the market presence of our industry leading Legal Hold Pro™ product and expand into new areas where corporations need help managing their compliance obligations.”

Legal Hold Pro, the company’s flagship product for managing legal hold notification and compliance, has been embraced by Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms and government agencies because it reduces risks of adverse outcomes in litigation. The proven compliance platform also offers significant savings by reducing labor costs associated with legal holds by more than 75 percent which delivers an ROI of more than 260 percent in the first year. For a more detailed biography, please visit http://www.zapproved.com/AboutUs#bod.